How to efficiently display kids fashion with child mannequins

Kids and baby clothing is a significant sub-segment of the apparel retail industry. On the one hand there is a high level of demand, while on the other hand many traders have to compete with powerful competitors. But which strategy should one choose to make the own business stand out in this fierce competition? One important approach might be to try to improve the own shopping window design, making it unique and more efficient. Especially for boutiques dealing with kids fashion one needs to pay attention to some characteristics when planning to re-design your shopping window. Always keep in mind: The more appealing a shopping window appears to potential customers, the higher is their disposition to buy.

mannequins children

In this case study we have compiled some advices on how to improve your shopping window design in order to attract more walk-in customers. First of all, the usage of childs mannequins seems to be crucial for a striking display of children’s clothing. There is a wide choice of child mannequins available, ranging from toddlers to adolescent. When choosing child mannequins make sure to choose the ones that look the most appealing and which fit best to the clothing style you sell. Also, it is not recommended to mix up different sorts of mannequins, for instance realistic mannequins and abstract mannequins. But not only the choice of mannequins is important, one should also pay attention to shopping window as a scenery as whole. The challenge in presenting children’s clothing is to convince children aswell as their parents. In particular, to attract the attention of children, it would be helpful to build an colorful, emotive scenery. Children love toys, so it would be a good approach to place children’s toys and similar accessoires in your shopping window right next to the mannequins. If you are succesfull in catching the children’s attention, this will help to increase the sales of children’s clothing.

It’s also important to influence the parents, as they a making the buying decision. The whole scenery with the child mannequin should appear as natural as possible and this way, it helps promoting clothes and accessories in the best possible manner. The display mannequins in your shopping window scenery help parents to match the sizes for which they are looking for. It’s recommendable to use lifelike mannequins in combinations with the adequate clothes and accessories to impart feel to the buyers and onlookers. To efficiently use the space of your shopping window, one should also promote complementary items such as shoes, hats, belts and many other children accessories. But please beware of trying to fit as much as possible items into your shopping window scenery, as it would leave an untidy impression to the potential customers. When trimming the window, please also think about including eye-catching banner ads to display your special offers.

To sum it up, when decorating your shopping window, try to create a lifelike and vivid scenery, just something that makes you stand out from your competitors. We have compiled a few fotos of shopping windows featuring children’s clothing, so you might get an idea how one could efficiently display these goods.

 child mannequins
child mannequins

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