Creating an inviting entrance area with planter pots

For retailers, an important aspect of winning customers is to guide them into the retail store after arousing his attention. Having an attractive entrance area can only be of advantage in this regards. One option to assist in creating said attractive entrance area and guiding customers into your store may be the usage of well designed planter pots on both sides of the entrance door.


Especially the available options of designer planter pots seems huge, so deciding for a certain models may seem difficult. Ideally, planter pots for said usage shouldn’t be too heavy to make moving them around easier. This restricts the materials a planter pot can be produced from to zinc, glass-fiber reinforced plastics or resin and stainless steel. Pots made from terracotta may seem attractive because of their mediterranean appearance, but aren’t winterproof in most cases unfortunately. In regard to the shape of suitable planter pots, especially those having the form of a cuboid or high planter pots with a round or rectangular form seem adequate. In terms of color, discreet colors like anthracite, black or white are likeable. Alternatively, using more flashy colors like different shades of red can also have a good effect if this color fits into the surroundings. Whether you are getting those planter pots in high gloss or matt finish is then purely a matter of taste. Concerning the planting of the flower pots, the possibilities are manifold. Well looking classics in this respect are boxwood, various types of high growing grass or bonsai trees.

Often, images tell more than a thousand words, so please be inspired by the pictures or take a look at the planter pots available on the market. Attractive planter pots are can be bought.

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