Window dressing ideas for christmas

Traditionally, christmas time is the most important period in terms of turnover during a business year. It is therefor especially important to put your potential customers into the right mood for shopping. This can be supported by a stylish and seasonally adjusted window display. So, what kind of decoration should be chosen for christmas? First of all, the decoration should be able to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere fpr the customer. This can be achieved throught the skilled use of sales psychology. It should be tried to generate positive emotions relating to christmas with passersby and encourage them to enter the store and leave some money in exchange for goods. This is exactly the same approach as suggested by the well known AIDA principle. AIDA consists of the four levels describing the consumer buying process that is well understood by the marketing science: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. First of all, the window display needs to attract the attention of a potential customer. If succesful, the interest to buy might be aroused. If the product is then also desired by the customer, he is very likely to buy it. The main task of window dressing in this context is to attract the attention.

schaufenster weihnachten

To aid you in this task we have gathered a few felicitous examples of display windows decorated for Christmas. Those examples might give you a few helpful suggestions for a nice window dressing. As can be seen from the pictures below, the decorators chose quality, not quantity; showing well where the emphasis should be put for christmas decorations.

christmas shopping window
christmas shopping window
x-mas mannequin shop display
x-mas mannequin display

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