Choosing the right wig for your retail mannequins

Window dressers often have to ask themselves how the best presentation of retail mannequins can be achieved. Often, wigs are part of the solution for this problem. Retail mannequins complemented with wigs are often more lifelike and realistic compared to mannequins without wigs attached to them. Unfortunately, wigs are seldom delivered together with mannequins by the store fitting retailers. One reason for this circumstance is the often changing trends of hairstyles, so wigs often get obsolete quite fast. This is why window dresser often choose the suitable wig according to what suits the planned store window composition best. This is especially true for the presentation of ladies fashion with female mannequins, where wigs are more or less essential. For this years spring collection, wig with short cut hair seem to be in vogue, while wigs with long hair seem to be the preferred choice for presenting the autumn and winter collections. Admittedly, the usage of wigs is not always advisable: for example, this is the case with modern stylized and single-colored mannequin and headless mannequins, which are better used without one or won’t support one, for obvious reasons.

female mannequins with blonde wigs

The case is different with male mannequins. They don’t necessarily require the use of a toupee. Partly because many male mannequins are delivered with hairs already molded onto their head, partly also because hairless male mannequins can be attractive without hair as well. In case the molded hair isn’t fashionable any more, a quick fix is to cover up the unwanted hairstyle with a adequate male wig. Another possibility for bald headed mannequins would be to cover up the missing hair with stylish caps or hats during the winter season, exhibiting additional apparel. Of course, even in this case the use of wigs is possible, using preferably ones with modern hairstyle.

These examples show the importance of the ability of todays window dressers to combine the means available to him or her in the best possible manner. When procuring wigs for decoration, one should always keep an eye on cost-effectiveness. Wigs made from synthetic fibre are to be preferred here, because they are less expensive than wigs produced from human hair, which have to be hand produced in a cost intensive procedure. And although wigs from synthetic fibre are cheaper than those made from human hair, they come very close to the expensive ones in terms of appearance and are thus the best value for money in our opinion. In summary, the use of wigs for retail mannequins can be advantageous, even if the result in terms of sales volume will be hard to measure. To further illustrate the article with examples, we have added a few pictures below.

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male mannequins with stylish caps
male mannequin with molded hair

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