How efficient shop design in department stores helps increasing turnover

Well done visual merchandising and shopfitting is always an important foundation of any retail premise. Obviously, this is needed to convert the available retail space into something that is unique and supportive towards the purchase decision of your customers. Effective shop design has to take into account the products to be sold and the type of retail enterprise in question, respective what unique selling proposition is strived for: concentrating on low price and competing in this dimension or concentrating on higher price and compensating this with better or improved shopfitting and store design (amongst other criterias) and resulting in a better shopping experience for the customer.


Customers want their shopping experience to be fun and to be a pleasurable experience. For this they often prefer a place where an efficient and attractive shop layout and shop fitout was implement, as long as low prices aren’t a priority of those customers. There are several approaches concerning the shop layout. If a retailer is concentrating his marketing approach towards low prices, his intention should be to place a maximized amount of products into a given space. Basic layouts for this approach can be seen as in the well known straight or diagonal floor layouts. Both designs distinguish themselves through efficient usage of the space of a retail property, but lack the out-of-the-ordinary and attractive style of other layouts.

If efficient usage of space is less important than an attractive and exclusive store design, then floor layouts such as the geometric or angular approach might be something to consider. Here, the main focus is laying in creating an interesting and appealing store design, emphasizing fancy store design and good traffic flows over maximizing the amount of goods presented in the store. Also, in these variants the usage of mannequins is far more appropriate if the store in question sells apparel and also, the overall layout allows for far more free space to place them in manner where they have good visibility. Mannequins support you in promoting your goods by helping customers perceive the looks of apparel and by making sure your product gets seen, independent whether black, white, clear or metallic mannequins are used. Without an attractive and thus effective shop design customers may be induced to reduce the value of your merchandize in their conception, resulting in reduced pricing power on your side. This is why taking proper care of your shop design is important: you may reap the benfits described above and enjoy stable or increasing turnover with potentially good margins.

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