Filigree Metal Masks – Luxurious and posh masks for masquerade balls

One of the favorite masks by Venetian carnival goers are filigree metal masks. These posh metal masks have been considered as a luxury and stylish masks for masquerade balls not only in Venice, Italy; but also in masquerade parties everywhere. These types of masks are popular for it features delicate metalwork with designs of jewelry that include gold, silver and Rhinestone. The filigree metal masks has exquisite stitches of lace, curves and motifs, often inspired by French and Italian work designs. The filigree metal masks involves elegant and graceful threads, usually delicately soldered together to create a discriminating piece of artwork. The craft-work involves meticulous finish and feel which makes the metal masks a must have in any masquerade ball or parade. The masks are beautiful and stunning, which makes it an eye-catcher in itself. If you wear the masks, be ready to attract attention for you will surely have them in your way. Wear filigree metal masks and be part of the sophistication of the Venetians from distant past.

We used a mannikin to display these masquerade masks made from delicate metal. This is an appropriate technique to present these masks, because it gives customers an idea how they will look like wearing a metal mask.

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