Adhesive foil for advertisement in shop windows – effective advertisement for an attractive price

Self-adhesive foil used for window dressing has many advantages. One of the main advantages being that one is able to create a relatively effective advertisement for relatively little money. This kind of foil used for advertising purposes is available in many different sizes, ranging from very small to xxl size and can be tailor made to suit your needs or fit into your shop window. Given the fact that the foil can be custom designed, it is even one of the most price efficient means of outdoor advertising. Besides being an effective advertising means, the foil is also able to screen the interior of a shop from outside views. In view of the possible colors, todays modern printing technoloy allows for a multitude of colour shades with high brilliance, often coming close to the quality only known of glossy magazines. Also, the advertisement foil can be made to stand out, forming some kind of three dimensional effect. By deciding for a very robust and weatherproof material, you will be able to benefit from your advertisement foil for a long time. There aren’t many alternatives to advertisement foils that are comparably effective in regards to low price and high efficiency.


In case you decide in favor of using self-adhesive foil for advertising, the application to a shop window can often be done on your own, saving money by doing so. Generally, it is relatively uncomplicated to attach these kind of foils to a window, assumed some details are followed. Initially, a requirement for attaching the foil permanently to your surface is to have the surface thoroughly clean and free of grease. Usually, this necessary cleanliness can be achieved by using a standard glass cleaner. After having cleaned the surface, the attachement of the foil may begin. For the next step, the suppliers of the foil often provide a wiper. The self adhesive foil is now cleared from the protective film on the backside, starting from one corner. This corner has to be applied to the desired spot on the window. Utilising a water-level and markers fitted in advance may be helpful in achieving the desired placement of the foil. After attaching the first corner of the foil, the remaining protective film can be taken away while slowly attaching the foil step by step and while wiping away any bubbles of air or wrinkles using the wiper. At this stage, having help by an assistant is often necessary. Finally, after affixing the whole foil, remaining air bubbles should be carefully smoothed out. Obviously, these proceedings may differ slightly for different products. Therefor, please also take note of the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the foil employed by you.

Self adhesive foil offers many advantages to its user, such as fast and easy application of the foil, which is also possible as cost saving DIY as well as the high quality of the foil. Customized solutions for advertisements are, compared to alternatives, especially easy to implement this way, which make them affordable even founders of a new business with just a low budget. Furthermore, another advantage can be seen in the high requirements concerning the resolution of the printed foil. With it, it is possible for viewers to obtain a perfect sight, regardless of the distance to the foil. In consequence, the advertisement foil benefits the viewer that might be driving by in a distance as well as the customer being in close proximity. Trade-specific solutions, for example suited for kitchen retailers, can of course realized. This could be in a way where for instance a self adhesive advertisement foil is used in a form vividly resembling a kitchen in pristine optical quality. By using multicolor printing beautiful tones and brilliant results can be achieved. Often, these foils resist exposure to ultraviolet radiation, so that they aren’t damaged in the longer term through exposition to direct sunlight and thus retain their brilliance. So, after having been applied, these foils offer an efficient advertisement means for the long term, offering multiple advantages beside this such as acting additionally as a screen by using opaque foil material.

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